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What are the Costs of a Divorce?

By Jamie Berger, Esq.

What are the Costs of a Divorce in Morris County and across Northern NJ?

Seasoned Morris County Attorneys explain the aspects involved in the final cost of a divorce process to clients across Morris County and Northern New Jersey.

Jamie N. Berger is a Partner at Jacobs Berger, LLC. Jamie practices exclusively in the area of family law. In this video, she talks about the different components related to the final cost of a divorce. Watch and find out how to outline a strategic planning session.

“What is my divorce going to cost me?”

A lot of times during a strategic planning session. I get asked the question: “What is my divorce going to cost me?”, and honestly it is a question I can never answer. Every divorce is different, every factual circumstance is different and for me to assign a price tag to your divorce would be a disservice to you as my client, because I can´t set that expectation at the outset of the case. I can tell you what certain things may cost. I can outline for you what I anticipate the number of hours to be on any particular aspect of your case, but all of those are generalities, nothing is set in stone because again every case is different. If your divorce proceeds in an uncontested matter and there are limited issues well certainly that’s going to keep the cost down; but if the matter is litigated and there are significant issues with regard to custody, parenting time, valuing of businesses, or equitable distribution that’s going to create an additional cost.

Setting up a Planning Session

We are always judicious with our client’s money because that is how we have opted to practice but again it’s not a question I can answer in a vacuum. We will always be forthcoming with regards of fees and it’s an opportunity for you to set up a strategic planning session so we can talk through all of those issues and I will certainly give you my best estimation of what I may think your divorce will cost, but it’s exactly that, just an estimation.

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As explained by Jacobs Berger co-founder Jamie N. Berger, there is a certain amount of considerations our clients need have to keep in mind to get a final number for the cost of your divorce.

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