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The Impacts of Social Media on Divorce

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Divorce, Social Media, Child Custody, and Alimony Madison Divorce AttorneysAs more and more aspects of our lives are being uploaded onto social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (either by ourselves or by those close to us), less and less aspects of our lives are truly private.

When it comes to divorce, this diminished privacy has the potential to affect several key aspects of a final divorce settlement agreement, specifically child custody and alimony.

In today’s article, we will discuss how social media posts have the potential to affect the issues of child custody or alimony in your divorce and ultimate agreement, as well as some general thoughts and tips for navigating a divorce while taking into consideration the various impacts social media can have on the divorce process overall.

Divorce, Social Media, Child Custody, and Alimony

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On the one hand, divorce agreements related to marital asset division and child support are entirely based on concrete financial information, and the perceived character of one spouse or the other will play no role when it comes to determining these particular divorce agreements. You could claim your spouse is the worst person in the world, but they would legally still be entitled to an equitable distribution of all marital assets regardless.

On the other hand, child custody is determined based on what a court considers to be in the best interests of the children involved. If one spouse or the other has pictures of their Christmas work party uploaded onto social media, these pictures have the potential to paint said spouse in a negative light, even if that is the one time of the year they decide to “let loose.”

Additionally, pictures or posts suggesting adultery or some kind of illegal activity may also result in a parent being considered “unfit,” affecting their child custody agreement and potentially their alimony agreement as well if it is determined they owe “reimbursement alimony” to their spouse as a result of their actions.

Finally, disparaging comments made on social media by one spouse against another can be considered a form of parental alienation (meaning one parent is actively trying to harm their children’s relationship with the other parent), again resulting in an affected child custody agreement.

Florham Park Divorce Lawyers Help You Navigate the Divorce Process While Considering Social Media

Considering all of these potentially serious implications social media can have on your divorce proceedings, here are a few tips for navigating your divorce process while taking into consideration the impacts that social media can have on this delicate and crucial process:

  • “Be Careful with What You Post” – This almost goes without saying, but even the most innocuous of social media posting can impact either your divorce directly, or your spouse’s willingness to work in a positive and communicative manner with you towards resolving your divorce and reaching an agreement.
  • “Don’t Antagonize Your Spouse” – Similar to our point above, if you post disparaging comments about your soon-to-be ex, or comments or pictures with the purpose of making them jealous, angry, etc., this will only serve to make your divorce process more difficult and acrimonious overall, i.e. more stressful, expensive, and potentially damaging to your children.
  • “Discuss the Matter with Your Divorce Lawyer” – As with almost every aspect of your divorce, it is usually a good idea to discuss your concerns or thoughts with your Florham Park divorce lawyer before making a final decision or taking some kind of action. If you believe your spouse may be doing something illegal, doing something which would harm your children or your relationship with your children, or cheating, lying, etc., it is probably better to have your divorce attorney look into the matter rather than spending all of your time stalking their social media accounts looking for evidence of said actions and generally driving yourself crazy in the process.

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