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Small Business, Covid, and Wellness in a Virtual World

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Our attorney Sarah J. Jacobs, Esq., interviews wellness coach and co-owner Michelle Els from Pure Space

Michelle Els: This journey began as a child, but my qualifications in fitness happened 25 years ago, and it is just progress like anything you continue to grow within your profession. I never started in pilates, but that is certainly where I ended up 15 years ago and continued that journey, but you want to try a little bit of everything to try and balance things out as you get older; you start to figure that out as well. So, no particular one format is good; it is good to integrate a couple of different ones. And then that is how pilates became a part of the journey as well. So, yes, primarily focusing on that one-on-one instruction, I would say that still takes up the majority of my time. Most of the clients that we have at Pure Space in the pilates section are looking for that. But then offer a range of other formats as well, which allows people to try more of the cardiovascular strength-based formats. So, it gives them a wide range from that sort of stability format to the strength format to stamina format based on what their needs are as well.

Sarah Jacobs: The virtual class format has been somewhat challenging but seems to have provided a level of connection, and a level of business that we did not actually know could happen; and would you say that for clients who have not worked out before and who have not had an opportunity to inject on a regular basis fitness into their daily routine. It would be positive even if it is a little intimidating for them to maybe find a free class or find a studio that they might feel comfortable with and sign up for that especially during this time where they may be feeling a little bit stressful having a little bit of anxiety, the level of uncertainty. It would be beneficial for them, right?

Michelle Els: Absolutely, it is always hard to take that first step at anything. I mean and the clients that come at Jacob Berger there are so many other first decisions that they have had to make prior to this being another one, but look where they are in their journey today, so if you do not take that initial step, you are never going to know what that situation might be and if it is not for you at least you gave it a try, and then it did not work or maybe it is for you and now you are like wow! this is actually super convenient because that is one thing that we found out with virtual training. There is no driving to the studio. There is no driving back from the studio, and yes, the majority of our clients are within that 20-minute demographic, but some are not; they are farther out. So, it makes it so convenient for you to just flip on your laptop, your computer, your phone, whatever it is five minutes before the class start, you are in your own home, which to me is one of the most comfortable places for you to be in. You could wear what you want. I mean, not that we care about that at Pure Space anywhere, but some people just when they go out they just feel they need to dress a certain way. So, you are most comfortable in your home. You do not need to drive anywhere, super convenient, and then the instructor is right there. You could turn your camera off, you can be muted, you can have them on your full screen, and you on your little screen. You do not have to see the other participants. And, to me, I think it is one of the best ways if you are brand new to this, to almost trying something out because no one else can see you. Like your camera is off, no one is even looking. So, I think it is a great time for people to try something different that is positive, and at the end of it, it is very likely they are going to be like, “oh, why did not I find you sooner.”

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