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What is JB’s unique approach to complex custody issues?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Complex Custody Issues Morristown NJ

Serving clients with complex custody issues in Morristown, Parsippany, Mendham, Randolph, and across Morris County, NJ

We Take the Time to Understand Your Unique Needs

What we do here when clients come in with complex custody situations is we sit down with them, and we go through it point by point. We take the time to understand how the clients got to where they are. We take the time to understand where the clients want to be. We take the time to sit down, talk to our clients, and figure out what makes this family unique and what are these family’s special concerns and special issues.

Partnering with Clients to Help Craft a Custody and Parenting Time Plan

Then, we partner with our clients to help craft a custody and parenting time plan for them that serves those needs now and will serve those needs in the future. If a client came to me and said, I need you to tell me today exactly how much parenting time the other parent is going to have, where I´m going to be able to live and whether I’m going to be able to move my child out of State. I would them: “I can´t do that for you right now. I don´t have all of the information that I can possibly have in order to best guide you about how to resolve those issues; but what I can guarantee that client is that for the entire duration of the time that they work with us, we will gather that information. We will talk to them about that information. We will make sure that the decisions that they are making about what serves their needs help them create a life for them, for their child and to the extent if that it´s necessary to their co-parent to serve the development and the best interest of those children.”

Facing Complex Custody Issues? Allow us to Help Build a Plan for Now and for Your Future

At Jacobs Berger, our attorneys have extensive experience drafting, modifying, and enforcing child custody and parenting time agreements of all kinds across Hanover, Randolph, Madison, Florham Park, Morris County, and throughout New Jersey.

Our attorneys believe that amicable and mutually beneficial resolutions to even the most contentious disputes can be possible with the right approach. We seek to both ensure that your individual needs, interests, and rights as a parent are properly taken into account, as well as to resolve these matters in a manner which protects the stability of your economic, legal, and parental future.

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