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How Can I Resolve My Divorce Without Court Litigation?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Morris County NJ Divorce AttorneysBefore any Morris County divorce can be finalized, the divorcing couple will need to come to an agreement regarding the key issues of child custody, child support, alimony and spousal support, and division of assets. Every marriage is different, and for some couples deciding the issue of alimony may be particularly difficult, while deciding how to divide marital assets is relatively straightforward. For other couples, the opposite may be true.

However, one thing most couples have in common is that they are concerned with the expense of contentious divorce litigation, litigation meaning they are unable to decide the issues outside of court, and instead require a judge to be presented with the various facts of their divorce proceedings and ultimately make a final decision for the couple.

While divorcing couples are right to be concerned about this expense as well as the risk of having a judge make a final decision rather than reaching a more personalized decision through negotiations, there are several ways in which our family law attorneys can help you to find fair and agreeable resolutions to your divorce issues without requiring the intervention of a family court decision.

Denville Divorce Lawyers Listen to Your Unique Needs and Concerns

The first step towards resolving your divorce without resorting to expensive and contentious divorce litigation is to communicate honestly and openly with our Denville, NJ divorce attorneys. The better we understand what specific concerns and needs you have regarding the various divorce issues that need to be decided, the better we can approach the divorce negotiation process with your spouse and their attorney.

It may be that certain aspects of your divorce settlement agreement are not particularly important to you, and by communicating this to us, we can make concessions in these areas in order to secure a more favorable resolution in the areas that are important to you.

Conversely, by listening closely to the needs and concerns expressed by your spouse and their divorce attorney, we can gain a better understanding of the specific issues that are important to them, and use that knowledge to craft our own negotiation strategies.

The bottom line is, the more you communicate with us, the more we can understand your specific situation. With this understanding, we can better work to find resolutions to the key divorce issues of child custody, child support, alimony, and division of assets which are fair to you and at the same time, accurately reflect your unique needs and concerns in each matter.

Randolph Divorce Lawyers Offer a Variety of Divorce Alternatives

Beyond our ability to develop a close working relationship with our clients, our Randolph divorce attorneys are also highly trained and experienced in a variety of alternative divorce methods. Methods such as divorce mediation and divorce arbitration each offer distinct advantages over a more traditional, court litigated divorce (you can view the specific advantages offered by these methods on our individual pages regarding these topics).

We strongly encourage each of our divorce clients to pursue these alternative divorce methods if and when we believe it is possible to resolve your divorce in such a manner. As part of our initial discussions with you regarding your divorce, we will make an assessment of whether or not we believe any of these methods are a realistic possibility for your divorce based upon how you describe your relationship with your spouse, the specific needs and concerns you share with us, if and how these needs and concerns conflict with those of your spouse, and ultimately whether or not we, as a team, believe we can find resolutions to these issues through methods other than divorce litigation.

Madison Divorce Attorneys Pursue Negotiation and Offer Creative Problem-Solving

Finally, even if we do not believe that an Alternative Dispute Resolution method such as mediation or arbitration may work for you, the approach of our family law team will always be to pursue negotiation with your spouse before resorting to divorce litigation.

As the primary goal of our Madison divorce team is to find solutions to your divorce issues which protect the stability of your family’s relationships with one another and your finances, we will always seek to find resolutions through creative negotiation and problem-solving before pursuing more aggressive divorce litigation.

Of course, it may not always be possible to resolve your divorce through these more communicative and healthy processes, but by putting our full efforts into doing exactly this, we very often save our clients the expense, stress, and risk of a court-ordered decision in any divorce matter.

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Our firm also understands that individuals going through a divorce need more than just a lawyer, and for this reason our firm works closely with a network of financial consultants and mental health experts as well. By working with you to not only protect your legal and parental rights, but your financial future and emotional well-being, we offer a complete service, designed to help you move forward in the healthiest and most protected manner possible.

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