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How is a Family-owned Business Handled during the Divorce Process?

By Jamie Berger, Esq.

Family-owned Business and Divorce Attorneys Morristown NJ

Our experienced attorney Jamie N. Berger, Esq.explains some of the different routes a family-owned business may take in the middle of a divorce process.

What to do with a Family Owned Business in a Divorce Process?

Something that can complicate divorce issues is when you have a family-owned business and when that family-owned business is owned between two spouses, that serves as a further complication because we need to get through whether one spouse is going to buy out the other spouses’ interest in the business. Whether the spouses are going to continue running the business together and those are issues that we need to be discussed and negotiated within the confines of your divorce.

What can happen if the couple can´t reach an agreement?

Ultimately, if a court can not determine whether or not one spouse will buy out the other interest they may order that that business be sold, which can have detrimental effects to a family. So these are all issues that we want to make sure that we carefully navigate. It may involve hiring an expert to come in and do a business valuation so we can determine what the equity in the company is and what one spouse may be entitled to in that equity. So, these again, are very complex issues, ones that we are certainly well versed to navigate and ones that we are happy to talk to you about should you contact the firm and require additional information.

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