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Five Ways Divorce Can Be Positive for Children

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Divorce is hardly easy on children, especially lengthy, acrimonious proceedings. However, the public rarely hears about the positive effects that a divorce can have on kids.

You may want help from a counselor or therapist if your child is having a hard time coping with the divorce or as a precautionary measure, if your co-parent agrees, to help mitigate any negative effects. But do not overlook the potential for positive benefits, including the following:

  1. Moving past the anger, fights, or tense silence can be a tremendous relief. Every couple has their own way of being unhappy, and children notice this, even if the parents attempt to hide their disagreements. A stressful environment is not a healthy place to grow up.
  2. Children are normally happier when their parents are happy. In more ways than you realize, you model values like confidence, contentment, reliance and self-esteem. Your kids will probably benefit from every positive step you take toward living a more fulfilling life.
  3. Kids who learn to cope with change are more resilient. Change is inherently uncomfortable – especially for children, who crave security. Divorce, if handled well, presents many lessons about coming to terms with a big change.
  4. Spending time with each parent separately can strengthen the bond the child has with each. Shared custody can make time spent with your children more precious.
  5. Mixed families can be enriching. When children acquire a stepparent, siblings and even a new set of grandparents through a remarriage, they often move into a larger circle of loving support.

A divorce can be a mixed blessing, with losses and gains. Help your kids navigate the rocky aspects, and do not forget to accentuate the positive.

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