Virtual Visitation: Valuable Co-Parenting Tool and the Future of Custody Law?

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Virtual Visitation and Child Custody

Co-parenting and Custody Issues Attorneys Guide You Through Virtual Visitation Options

Virtual Visitation and Child Custody Attorneys in Morris County NJConsidered a godsend during the Covid-19 lockdown, as well as by military personnel on deployment, incarcerated parents, moms and dads who travel frequently for work, and grandparents unable to visit as much as they used to, technology has made the idea of “virtual visitation” or “virtual parenting-time” a reality. As parents are increasingly away from their children for extended periods of time, they are turning to Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp Calls, Portal, Facebook, and Instagram Live, Snapchat, Tiktok, webcams, and various VoIP’s to spend quality visual parenting-time with their children.

Although practical in its basic communicative aspects, this innovative alternative to being “there” may lack the physical contact that some children or their parents, may crave. Still, virtual visitation should be treated like regular visitation, in terms of letting the child “visit” with your co-parent without your presence. For parents considering a divorce or legal relationship dissolution, drafting child custody arrangements, child custody modification, or even considering relocating, including language in the child custody discussions that addresses using this type of technology to enhance, maintain, or build upon the parent-child bond and lessen the likelihood of parental alienation, should be strongly considered.

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Can Virtual Co-Parenting Work?

Can Virtual Co-Parenting Work in Morris County?In 2004 Utah was the first state to enact a virtual visitation bill. Other states have followed suit by passing virtual visitation legislation or including such provisions in custody and visitation case law that grants family law judges authority to include electronic communication as part of visitation arrangements and help shape the future of custody law.

Divorce and separation can be traumatizing for both the children and the parents, especially those who lack physical custody or may have had to relocate post-divorce for work reasons. In the past, due to distance or daily obligations, both child and adult may have found themselves having to reintroduce themselves during each visit. While child support enforcement is possible in New Jersey, emotional support isn’t. If the parents and the child agree to virtual visitation, this option could be a feasible and cost-effective short-term alternative, not a replacement, to a physical visit.

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Co-Parenting Advantages of Virtual Visitation

The topic of virtual visitation should be addressed in the parenting plan, as technological tools (i.e., instant messaging, Facetime, Skype, email, video mail and conferencing) can be used to enhance and not interfere with parenting time. As the number of divorced parents grow, virtual visitation has the potential to enrich existing parent-child relationships.

By allowing parents to become more involved in their children’s lives, even on a “remote” basis, both parties can benefit from basic family moments such as the example below where the parent traditionally had to be physically present with the child:

  • stories before bedtime
  • tutoring them with their homework
  • childhood milestones (i.e., first steps, loss of a tooth, riding a bike)
  • recitals, sporting events or graduations
  • holiday celebrations or festive occasions

For parents whose visitation rights have been denied, due to domestic violence, parental addiction, or because they are in treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, virtual visitation may be an option to help maintain the parental bond and improve their recovery chances.

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