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Common Questions and Concerns Regarding Complex Custody Matters

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

What you should know about Complex Custody Matters in Morris County NJ

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Our Matrimonial Law Attorney Sarah J. Jacobs, Esq, certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, brings light to some questions and doubts you may have when talking about complex custody matters.

When clients come to our firm, and they have complex custody issues, they´re scared. They are worried about what the outcome of a case is going to be with the wildest unknown that they have and that´s their children or child´s future. When they walk through our doors, they have a million questions. What parenting time is going to look like? How do I know if I have to make decisions for my kids? When can I go on a vacation? Can I get my child a passport? The questions surrounding kids and the issues that go into crafting custody and parenting time plans are emotional. They´re raw, and they are not in the place where they have all of the answers.

What we do here when clients come in with complex custody situations, is we sit down with them and we go through it point by point. We take the time to sit down, talk to our clients and figure out what makes this family unique and what are these family´s special concerns and special issues. Then we partner with our clients to help craft a custody and parenting time plan for them that serves those needs now and will serve those needs in the future.

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