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Child Support Enforcement

The New Jersey Supreme Court created the Child Support Guidelines in order to standardize child support obligations in divorces and legal relationship dissolutions across the state. These child support guidelines take many factors into consideration, including the income and expenses, of both parents, and should never leave one parent “broke”, or unable to meet their obligations.

However, just because child support agreements tend to be fair and financially accurate doesn’t always mean that one parent or the other will actually meet the child support obligations required of them. When this becomes the case, it may become necessary for one parent to file a motion with the courts to intervene, and secure the financial support that their children need, and are legally entitled to.

At Jacobs Berger, our attorneys have extensive experience helping parents to secure late and overdue child support payments across Madison, Randolph, Tewksbury, Florham Park, Hanover, Morristown, and the greater Morris County area.

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Who Can Help Me to Secure Outstanding Child Support Payments?

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In New Jersey, parents who are not receiving their agreed-upon child support payments have two options when it comes to enforcing their existing child support order. The first option is through the Office of Child Support Services unit of the NJ Department of Human Services. The Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) performs a variety of functions within the area of child support and has the authority to take a variety of measures when it comes to enforcing the payment of child support obligations. Parents who are currently receiving child support payments through this office don’t actually have to take any actions when it comes to alerting the office of the outstanding child support payments, as the office will automatically seek child support enforcement for any child support obligation greater than two weeks outstanding.

However, as a public institution, parents may not always receive the timely or personal attention from OCSS agents that they may require in matters as critical to them as child support enforcement can often be. When this is the case, parents, along with their Florham Park child support attorney, may find that they prefer instead to file a child support enforcement motion with the family law courts directly.


How Can the Courts Help Me to Enforce a Child Support Order?

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When a motion for child support enforcement arrives to family court, whether through the OCSS or directly through a legal motion, New Jersey judges are given a wide variety of authorities and discretions for ensuring that child support payments are made, and arrears are settled. Additionally, since the law focuses on protecting the best interests of any children involved in legal disputes, courts and judges across the state will not hesitate to ensure that these best interests are protected through whatever means necessary, including imprisonment in particularly extreme cases.

Some of the potential methods of child support enforcement that a court will order against the delinquent party include:

  • Suspension of professional licenses
  • Revocation of driving privileges and/or a passport
  • Garnishment of wages
  • Seizure of bank accounts
  • Liens placed on assets
  • Seizure of awards such as a tax refund, lottery winnings, or a personal injury settlement
  • Reporting the child support arrears to credit agencies, resulting in drastically reduced credit score
  • Awarding a judgment for additional late-payment interest and potentially legal fees as well
  • Issuing a warrant for arrest, and upon execution, mandatory jail time

As you can see, New Jersey courts take the enforcement of child support payments extremely seriously and have a broad variety of options at their disposal for ensuring that payments and late payments are made. However, some options in particular may make particular sense in your case, and having an experienced Madison child support lawyer on your side can help you to understand which options may be the most effective, and help you to convince the courts that those particular methods are in your best interests and the best interests of your children.

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