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Can my mediator represent me in my divorce?

By Jamie Berger, Esq.

Mediation Attorney and a Mediator’s Role in Morris County Divorce Cases

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So, I’m a qualified mediator in the state of New Jersey, and as a mediator, it is my job to be neutral. Part of that is not advocating for either party. I’m not representing one parties’ interest over the other; I’m not telling one party that they should accept a deal or telling the other party that they should accept a particular aspect of a settlement.

Role of a Mediator

My job as a mediator is to facilitate a settlement. It is to talk to the clients, figure out what their goals are, and come up with a resolution that fits everybody’s needs. At the conclusion of the mediation, I could not represent either party moving forward; because that would be a violation of my role as a mediator because I am a neutral third party.

Marital Settlement Agreements and Attorneys on both sides of the Mediation Process

That said, a mediator can, if both parties requested, prepare a marital settlement agreement and have those parties a separate attorney on both sides look at that marital settlement agreement. As a mediator, I always recommend that you hire independent counsel because it is not my job in that capacity to give one party advice as to whether the terms that they are agreeing to are something that they should agree to, they really need to talk to a separate attorney and make those decisions.

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