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Can I File a Petition for Child Support without a Lawyer?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Can I File a Petition for Child Support without a Lawyer?

Morris County Family Lawyer Discusses Your Options

Our experienced attorney Amy L. Miller through this video will tell us why is it important to count on an attorney by your side when filing a child support petition. She will also give us some arguments you can not ignore when it comes to acting on your own in a courthouse.

New Jersey allows any litigant to file an application in the family court for various issues whether it be child support of any other type of issue related to the children or something similar in a family court action. It is always our recommendation that you do have an attorney to help guide you through that particular issue.

Can a litigant file his or her own application in court?

So, yes litigant can go to the court and file their own application seeking child Support but what an attorney will be able to help you do is to guide you through what exactly you need to do when filing that application, how yo do it, what proofs you need to show the court and maybe some other issues and other requests that you did no realize are you right to receive or the child´s right to receive which could include a contribution to work-related child care expenses. It could include contribution to unreimbursed health expenses.

The importance of having an attorney along the way

It could be health insurance for the children, life insurance for the benefit of the children and there are so many other obligations. So, while filing an application on your own is certainly an option, we strongly recommend that you meet with an attorney and retain an attorney to help better craft the application that you are going to be filing with the court make sure that you are inclusive of all issues that you and your child are entitled to receive in the state.

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