Buying and Selling Real Estate in a Virtual World

Buying and Selling Real Estate in a Virtual World

Our attorney Sarah J. Jacobs, Esq. interviews Brandie Brojan from Real Estate-

Brandie Brojan: About three years ago, I actually started this new career. That is coming off of a 10-year career in promotions and marketing for various radio stations, and then I did about a few years as a project manager at a boutique ad agency in New York City. Then I became a stay-at-home mom for a few years and raised my two little boys. But a few years ago, I did go through a divorce myself and needed to have a new career path. So, you know, as I thought about it, I took parts of what I loved about my past career. You have to be a very detailed, organized person in my past career. I have always had a love for real estate, so I sort of combined all of that, got my real estate license, and here we are.

Sarah Jacobs– We have a lot of clients that were either thinking about listing their houses as part of their divorce need to sell their house as part of the divorce. Had it listed and maybe kind of withdrew it from the market with the uncertainty. So, two things, if you could touch upon them. One, you talked about really vetting out the buyers to a point where the seller is going to let you in a home; it has to be like a super qualified buyer. Are people getting qualified? Are they still from a financial perspective able to purchase? And second for my seller, who would be divorcing couples who need to liquidate their home. I am hearing that now actually might be the time that they can jump on this and possibly end up a little bit better than they might have pre-COVID.

Buying and Selling Real Estate in a Virtual WorldBrandie Brojan– Absolutely, so you are right on all of that. Regarding the mortgage process and getting pre-approvals, that is absolutely still happening. What I would tell you, my advice would be to buyers is if you have that pre-approval, pre-COVID, so, pre-mid-March I would encourage you to reach out to your lender as somethings have changed so some of the programs that they were offering they are just now could be tweaks on the minimum amount of down payment money you need to put down.  There also could be a change in the minimum credit score that they are requiring. So, it is just a quick touchpoint, touching with your lender there is probably still programs people are absolutely getting quick pre-qualified, but job situations have changed so they just need to kind of make sure that that still is ok because you are not getting in a house right now without that pre-approval and it needs to be an updated one in the first, you know in the last 30 days.

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