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Am I am responsible for marital debts if debts are not under my name?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Morris County NJ Marital Debt Attorney

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In many circumstances, the debate on marital debt can not be answered with simple yes or no. There are certain debts that are equitably distributed in New Jersey, for example, credit cards, some bank loans, your mortgage and so forth… With that said, there are a number of financial circumstances where one party in the marriage can and should be held solely responsible for debts incurred during the term of the marriage. Understanding the legal guidelines that dictate financial responsibility can be complicated and often overwhelming.

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Often times people come into a divorce believing that so long as the debt that is accumulated during the marriage isn’t in my name (a big example would be credit card debt) that I don’t have a responsibility for that. There are often times that we see spouses where they may have certain credit cards in, perhaps the husband’s name and certain credit cards perhaps in the wife’s name, and they think that “well, he accumulated the debt on his cards”, or “she accumulated the debt on her cards”, and therefore I’m not responsible for the debt in the other party’s name.

New Jersey Law Does Not Always Mean a 50/50 Split of Debt

In New Jersey, however, any debt that is accumulated during the marriage is generally considered a marital debt that is subject to distribution within an equitable distribution. There has to be some sharing of that and whether that sharing is 50/50 or could be in some other manner that’s generally what happens. There are arguments to be made that the debt should be one spouse’s responsibility and it’s not as simple as I didn’t know about it. There is often more facts and circumstances involved with that, perhaps if they are engaging in something that is inappropriate in accumulating that debt; that could be an argument as to why that’s a separate debt that should not be the responsibility of both spouses at the time of the divorce.

However most debt, even if just happens to be titled in just the husband’s name or just the wife’s name or in both spouses´ name, if it’s incurred during the marriage and generally is for marital purposes, it’s usually considered a marital debt and it is to be shared in some manner between the parties.

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