VIDEO – What types of complex financial issues may need to be addressed during the divorce process?

Address Financial Issues in Their Morris County Divorce

During our initial personal and confidential consultation with our clients, many topics important to their divorce will be discussed.  However that conversation at some time will begin to revolve around the financial issues in their divorce.

What are the issues? Whether it’s equitable distribution, alimony, child support or the dissolution of a business.

There are many complex financial issues that need to be to dealt with as part of a divorce. The distribution of assets, the sale of the marital home, whether or not somebody is entitled to alimony, whether or not somebody will be paying alimony.

If there is a family business, whether that needs to be dissolved, how they’re going to handle the distribution of these particular assets? What and whether there´s debt in the case? These are just some of the issues that we deal with when it comes to the financial side of a divorce.

The Complications of the Divorce Process in Morris County

The divorce process can be emotional, contentious and difficult.  Hammering out different types of child custody arrangements, child support as well as spousal support & alimony are in themselves a challenge for any divorcing couple.  Adding intricate financial issues such as debt, division of complex assets, division of homes and property in addition to, in many cases, division of retirement assets makes an already complicated process even more so.

The divorce attorneys of Jacobs Berger understand that the regulations and red tape surrounding financial issues in the area of divorce can be intimidating and confusing. We pride ourselves on walking our clients through all aspects of the divorce process, including all complex financial issues.

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