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Divorce Preparation Attorneys

Divorce in New Jersey is a complex legal process which can involve a wide array of different considerations including equitable distribution of assetsalimonychild custodychild support, and much more. Nobody plans on getting divorced, and most individuals are not only unprepared but also going through the divorce process for the first and only times in their lives. Thankfully, there are a few relatively simple steps which can be taken in order to give yourself a great chance at an amicable and successful resolution to your divorce.

At The Law Offices of Jacobs Berger, our experienced divorce attorneys understand that the to-do checklist of divorce can be daunting for our clients all across New Jersey. We see every divorce case we take as an opportunity to help build a solid foundation for our clients’ and their families’ future. While other firms may urge their clients to take a combative stance, we strive to mitigate stressors which face our clients.

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Divorce Attorneys Help Clients with First Steps

No two divorces are exactly alike. Therefore our divorce attorneys will want to work with you in order to complete some first steps to get your proceedings started along the right track. While there are certainly some decisions to be made, the following gives a glimpse of how to prepare for a successful legal process.

Meeting with an attorney: easy for us to say, but beginning your divorce process by speaking to an experienced divorce attorney is a highly recommended first step. This alone can give you the assurances that your subsequent actions will be positive and advisable.

Document preparation: for a complete list of the legal documents which may be useful to bring to your initial case assessment, navigate here. These generally include documents specifically pertaining to your divorce, financial paperwork, and more.

Consider your options: related to the idea that your divorce is unique, there are several options to consider within your divorce. Amongst the most important is how you and your spouse will settle any existing or potential disputes. The primary methods are traditional litigation based divorcemediation, and arbitration. Our Madison divorce attorneys will be able to provide more detailed information on these methods and how they may pertain to your case during your comprehensive and confidential case assessment.

Divorce Planning Lawyers: the Importance of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

If you and your spouse are on good terms going into a divorce, it can certainly be tempting to go through the legal process without formal representation. However, there are several key considerations that might not be immediately obvious to those going through the divorce process without legal experience:

  • Complex legal requirements – most individuals are not familiar with the various formalities, due dates, declarations, and so forth which are involved in a New Jersey divorce. Our Denville divorce preparation lawyers understand that the paperwork alone can be overwhelming for clients. A single slip-up can send your proceedings back to square one
  • Writing an enforceable agreement – divorce agreements must adhere to New Jersey regulations in order to be legally enforceable. In many cases, an agreement written by non-legal professionals will not ultimately hold up in court
  • Protecting your future – last but certainly not least, your divorce agreement may fail to provide one or both parties with the legal protection to which they are entitled. For example, agreeing to forego child support may seem like the right thing to do until you are faced with the various expenses of child rearing on a single income

At the end of the day, a qualified and experienced divorce and family law attorney will be able to guide you through the divorce process from beginning to end. By going it alone, you are putting your family’s legal and financial future at risk. When it comes to something as important as your new life after divorce, why take any chances?

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The divorce attorneys of Jacobs Berger believe that successful divorce proceedings begin with solid preparation. Every divorce is unique, just as the needs and concerns of each individual going through a divorce are unique as well. For this reason, our attorneys take pride in offering personalized and dynamic legal solutions including alternatives to litigation based divorce such as mediation and arbitration.

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