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What Divorce Resources are Available for New Jersey Residents?

Divorce is complicated. Most individuals going through a divorce have no idea what to expect and are often unprepared for the legal and personal issues which may follow. Thankfully, there is no shortage of available resources available for spouses who are considering divorce, have begun the divorce process, or have recently finalized a divorce. Read on for more information regarding the practical matters of divorce, some resources for parents, and how to get personal help and support that you may need.

The divorce attorneys of Jacobs Berger have extensive experience serving clients from local Morris County communities including Morristown, Denville, Madison, East Hanover, Randolph, Dover, Rockaway, Tewksbury, and across Northern New Jersey. Our firm views each divorce case we take on as a new opportunity to help our client build a solid and secure foundation for their family’s future. Our divorce and family law attorneys believe in working to lessen the personal and financial stresses of divorce while seeking a mutually beneficial outcome which will best serve our clients’ individual needs and concerns.

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Randolph Divorce Lawyers Discuss the Nuts and Bolts of Divorce

Simply trying to understand how divorce proceedings work in our state is enough to make one’s head spin. Our Randolph divorce lawyers help clients through the process, but also offer the following starting points to understand NJ divorce proceedings at a high level.

How to File for Divorce in New Jersey – Before jumping into the legal complexities of divorce, many clients like to understand how the process of divorce works in New Jersey. This resource goes into the high level concepts of filing for contested or uncontested divorce and also gives an overview of the required divorce paperwork.

Legal Services of New Jersey Divorce Self-Help Guide – As the title suggests, this guide is intended as a step-by-step guide through the divorce process in NJ. While this will give individuals a great idea of how the divorce process works and what to expect during proceedings, it is not a substitute for the services of a qualified and experienced Randolph divorce attorney.

East Hanover Child Custody and Child Support Attorneys Offer Resources for Parents

For parents going through a divorce, issues concerning their children are often amongst the most important. Our East Hanover child custody and child support attorneys recommend the following to parents during and after divorce proceedings.

Helpful Tips for Co-parenting During and After Divorce – Co-parenting can take patience coordination, and a high degree of communication. This resource discusses some simple do’s and do not’s for co-parents to provide a safe, consistent, and happy environment for your children.

New Jersey Child Support Program Handbook – For parents going through a divorce, the issue of child support will very likely be a part of your divorce settlement. This handbook provided by the state of NJ goes over high level child support information as well as your rights and responsibilities as a custodial or non-custodial parent.

New Jersey Child Custody Laws – While many laws are quite complex, NJ child custody laws are relatively straightforward to understand. Child custody refers to both physical (residential) and legal child custody. For more information in plain English, navigate here.

Madison Divorce Resource Lawyers: Personal Help During Divorce

Of course, divorce is not just a legal procedure. Divorce can take a serious toll on the divorcing couples, their children, and their friends and family. Our Madison divorce resource lawyers believe in tackling not only the legal, but also the personal aspects of divorce, inducing:

Therapy for Divorce – It is well documented that divorce leads to an increased of mental health issues including anxiety disorder, depression, panic disorder, OCD, and much more. It may be a great idea for both parents and children to consider seeking therapy as a means of dealing with these difficult emotional stressors.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Resources – 1-844-276-2777 Along the same lines of divorce being a potential trigger for mental health issues, it may also lead some individuals to experience issues with substance abuse, alcoholism, etc. New Jersey offers a county by county resource for useful substance abuse contacts (linked above) which can be used by residents in need of help.

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