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Are Divorce Settlements Public?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Are the Details of Divorce Settlements Public?

Amy L. Miller Esq. joined Jacobs Berger, LLC as a partner in 2017 and continues to focus solely on family law issues.  Amy’s practice is in the area of family law including divorce,  mediation,  custodyvisitationalimony, and domestic violence. In the following video, she talks about divorce settlements.

How Can I Have Access to a Divorce Settlement?

In New Jersey, a divorce settlement is a public record, and therefore somebody is able to obtain a copy of the divorce settlement. However, is not that simple, you do have to go to the court and request a copy of it from the court so it is not as if it is something that is just going to be publicized on the internet or put in the newspaper or be readily accessible for anyone to get.

So, although you do need to be aware that divorce settlements are public records; it is still something that in the event a person wanted to obtain a copy they would have to go to the courthouse where it is filed and request a copy.

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